Code Pink Signifies on Michelle Obama

In a friendly way, though. Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, in today’s Guardian, lets the First Lady in on how to respond to people who interrupt her by calling her man a hypocritical lying jackass. Jujitsu is the way, the truth, and the life, girl. Even W knew to duck and smile when a shoe was hurled at his head. Benjamin recalls the “legendary story about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt meeting with labor leader A. Philip Randolph about workers’ rights. . . FDR listened intently, then replied: ‘I agree with everything you have said. Now, make me do it.'” Michelle Obama may have momentarily lost sight of what she surely learned in church, that not one of us is without sin, and that even–especially–the powerful need to be pushed hard sometimes to think outside the Very Serious People preestablished harmony consensus bun and do the right thing.


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