Amazing Learning Styles of Plants and Feral Hogs

And not just any feral hogs, but special rent-seeking feral hogs. In a Wall Street Journal story yesterday headlined “Feral Hogs Slow to Learn,” Dallas Federal Reserve Bank president Richard Fisher described the “big money” response to the Fed‘s indication that they plan to reduce bond buying in the fairly near future: “I do believe that big money organizes itself somewhat like feral hogs. If they detect a weakness or a bad scent, they will go after it.” In separate statements, New York and Minneapolis Fed Bank presidents acknowledged that their climates had not yet warmed enough to accommodate feral hogs.

And in related news from the BBC, “plants do ‘maths’ to control overnight food supplies.” According to researchers in Norwich England, to adjust their overnight starch consumption precisely, Arabidopsis plants “must be performing a mathematical calculation–arithmetic division.” Disappointingly, the BBC quoted Dr. Richard Buggs of Queen Mary, University of London as saying that “this is not evidence for plant intelligence…. Plants don’t do maths voluntarily and with a purpose in mind like we do.”

We like the feral hogs? Or we like the purposeful beings calculating how much beer starch we will require to get through three episodes of Downton Abbey or True Blood?


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