Rick Perry Loses Lifelong Battle With Entropy

As Alfred North Whitehead put it in 1925, it requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious. This blog post ought thus be brief, because Rick Perry has done the heavy lifting himself by implying that no one who was not aborted and is thus alive could possibly have a basis to oppose criminal penalties for abortion. If God is speaking through Rick Perry, it must be acknowledged (as Roland Barthes wrote after witnessing what he called a platitudinous and tautological performance by Billy Graham) that God is quite stupid.

Norbert Wiener, author of the pioneering work Cybernetics, wrote in his 1954 preface to The Human Use of Human Beings that “as entropy increases, the universe, and all closed systems in the universe, tend naturally to deteriorate…to move from the least probable to the most probable state…to a state of chaos and sameness….But while the universe as a whole, if indeed there is a whole universe, tends to run down, there are local enclaves…in which there is a limited and temporary tendency for organization to increase. Life finds its home in some of these enclaves.”

Wendy Davis inspired millions this week by temporarily, at least, reversing the current tendencies of Texas and its governor. Is there a recalibration going on of the meanings of chaos, sameness, otherness, freedom, choice, and equality? In Turkey, Brazil, Texas? And where next?


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