Who You Calling “Abducted by Imperialism”?

I am not sure if the President of Bolivia was forced to land in Vienna, longtime crossroads of spies, because of French and/or Portugese compliance with American imperial pressure. I am not sure if the Austrian search of the plane was contrary to international law. I do not know if Tom Hanks has already signed up to for his role in The Terminal Episode 2. I do not know if Air Force One smuggled George W. Bush, or Dick Cheney, or anyone else accused by anyone of being a war criminal, aboard its flight from Tanzania back to Andrews Air Force Base yesterday, or whether any nation attempted to deny Air Force One the use of its airspace. I do not know the plot of John Le Carre‘s next novel. I do not know how upset the French and Germans are that the NSA is bugging them in a big way. I do not know if Rand Paul will keep fighting for free trade with Ecuador and Bolivia so we can keep getting cheap flowers and cocaine.

I do know–or so says Google’s doodle–that Franz Kafka was born 130 years ago today.


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