Francis: No iPhone, No E-Class, No Logo–We Barefootin’

Pope Francis wasn’t fooling around when he said he was staying in the city (that would be Rome) for the summer. Rome was not a fashionable summer spot 2000 years ago, nor is it today. But Francis has been busy, not just massaging Benedict’s draft encyclical a bit, but giving regular homilies. Oh, and making two popes saints. In a reconciling move, the Roman Catholic Church gets both Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II. It looked as if JP2 was going to get sanctified first, but Francis, in a bold stroke, said my man Roncalli don’t need no stinking second miracle.

Francis also said the other day that Christians don’t need no regular ID cards either–because of the freedom that the message of reconciliation and grace brings, “we are saved in Jesus Christ! And no one can take this identity card from us. That’s my name: son of God! What a wonderful identity card! Marital status: free! So be it!” Marvelous, and regarding his marital status, could he be saying to to the Roman Curia you are not my daddy?

And just yesterday Francis fired a shot across the bow of the dominant “culture of the provisional,” advising future priests and nuns to avoid seeking the “the latest smartphone, the fastest car.” Unconfirmed tweets from the event claimed that Francis would be funding acquisitions of some up-to-date artworks from his fees for Verizon and Vodafone‘s new ad campaign with the Pope personally promoting thirty-year no-cancellation-allowed phone contracts.


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