Ex-Pope B16 Excommunicates Self, Applies for Theological Asylum in Russian Orthodox Church

An ex-Papal shocker today. Full disclosure: I have small Latin, less Greek, and even less facility with the Cyrillic alphabet, but if my translation of Pope Benedict’s remarks is accurate, the last straw for the former Roman pontiff was the news that Pope Francis is insisting on the removal of the statue of himself that went up outside the cathedral in Buenos Aires just a couple of weeks ago. “This guy Francis has zero respect for the veneration of icons. It’s as if he never heard of the condemnation of iconoclasm by the 7th Ecumenical Council of 787. Francis is so clueless about the difference between veneration and adoration he might as well be a Protestant! For heaven’s sake, this is theologically below the Mendoza line. If this is the way Francis is going to roll I am outta here. Going the full Byzantine, and more. That Vladimir, he is a true man’s man. And that Edward S., so young! And so very thin!” At this point Benedict fainted.


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