Helium Shortage May Be Affecting The Deep State

The reviews are in, and the latest Guardian leak via Edward Snowden has decisively trounced the Deep State‘s heavily redacted declassification yesterday. On Google News, there seems to be  more coverage focusing on the XKeyscore program reported in the Guardian than on the competing official disclosure-within-nondisclosure, perhaps because the leak of XKeyscore, as Shane Harris writes in Foreign Policy, indicates that despite the “NSA Hype Machine” claims, “maybe Snowden wasn’t such a blowhard, after all. When (Snowden) insisted that low-level employees like him could spy on just about anyone, administration officials and NSA supporters in Congress were quick to call him an embellisher, if not an outright liar.” But yesterday’s documents from both the Guardian and the NSA lend “credence to Snowden’s claims,” Harris writes. The NYT lead story yesterday headlined “U.S. Outlines N.S.A.’s Culling of Data for All Domestic Calls” was revised overnight to “Senate Panel Presses N.S.A. On Phone Logs,” but both versions report Snowden’s leaked documents on par with the official story, which can be interpreted as either a stunning shift or simply a step in the right direction. I would at this point give the Guardian stories more weight, but the NYT–notwithstanding what Fox “analysts” may say–is not Democracy Now. Give them a little of the precious helium that the Guardian warned is running low (on our planet where we can get at it, not in the universe as a whole), and maybe they will wake up and smell the poisoned rose aroma more acutely.


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