Livin’ The Insane Gangsta Pretend-Libertarian Thug Vida Loca

In fairness to the insane gangsta thug pseudo-libertarians in Congress, President Obama did give them reason to believe two years ago that they ought to keep doing what they are doing. So it is up to Obama to explain early and often why he is doing what he is doing. And I thought he did a good job of that both at the Clinton Global Initiative the other day and then at a speech in Largo, Maryland. I do not believe, though, that it is the President’s fault if we the people prefer the narcotic of Breaking Bad to the more serious work of paying just a little more attention to basic details of the health care law and of the non-equivalent stances of the parties in Washington. The substantial point spread between approval of the “Affordable Care Act” and that of “Obamacare” is testament enough to our slothfulness.


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