Discerning Evil Spirits In Washington

“He will not be mocked…you cannot serve two masters.” I hope that the House stenographer, who interrupted voting last night with those words, among others, is feeling OK today. Perhaps she needs professional help, and if so I hope she gets it. But it is easy to imagine that taking down the utterances of our representatives in Congress would drive strong persons to rant. And half of what the woman, Dianne Foster Reidy, said ought to be heeded by the Congresspeople. If Pope Francis, who has been speaking often about idolatry lately, said of our politicians that they are mocking God and trying to serve two masters, many would say yet again what a capital fellow and terrific pope he is!  But as Charlie Pierce wrote today on his Esquire politics blog, “impromptu outbursts of the crazy cannot be allowed.” Pierce goes on to cite remarks on the end times etc. by Ted Cruz and Michele Bachmann at the recent “Values Voters Summit,” where “well-dressed and well-organized insanity is encouraged,” and concludes that “our courtier press doesn’t hate crazy. It just hates improv.”


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