I Am Shocked, Shocked That We Are Spying On The French

On what grounds are we surveilling the French? What would Foucault (author of Surveiller et Punir, in which the panopticon plays a major role) do about this? Is M. Le President Hollande up to the task of threatening deconstructive retaliation? Are “declaration” and “independence” actually French words? Why did our surveillance of the Germans seem to provoke so little response (French word too)? It is said that Speaker Boehner eats breakfast at Pete’s Diner on 2nd St SE on Capitol Hill. Right next door is Le Bon Cafe. Coincidence? I think not. The perfidious cheese- and croissant-eating French are absolument indubitablement snooping on us. Do we have a clear and distinct idea of how to reponder? Pourquoi pas? J’ai aucune idee.


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