What D’Ya Mean Ya Don’t Wanna Get Married?

Yesterday’s NYT Sunday Styles cover story is “Choosing To Say ‘I Don’t.'” Apparently some same-sex couples in the 14 states where they can now marry do not wish to marry.

Listen up gay fellows and wimmynfolk! I could care less how queer and transgressive you think you are. Buckle up, buckle down, settle down, and get married. Did you expect straight people would go through the agony of relinquishing compulsory heterosexuality just so you could pull the football away and say, nah, I don’t particularly care to get married just now.

So that’s how you want to play it, eh? Well, we straight but not as narrow as you think people are not as stupid as you think neither. We just might have some trick up our sleeve to fool you into saving the oppressive institutional facade. So watch your step! Or you might not even notice when bourgeois patriarchy insinuates itself into the very heart of your pretend-nonconformist sandbox.


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