How Much Is That Duck Boat In The Window?

Having warmed up by purchasing a cigar-store statue that was apparently speaking to him on a San Francisco street earlier this year, Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy hauled off and bought the whole duck boat he had just ridden in during the amphibious duck boat victory parade in Boston Saturday.

Actually he didn’t really need to ask how much. His salary would probably buy at least a duck boat apiece for his whole family with extra room for cigar-store impulse buys. Duck boat pricing information on the internet looks inconclusive to me, though one seller on, according to Boston Business Journal, listed a 1945 DUKW for $115,000 (D is for 1942, U for utility, K for all-wheel drive, W for the two powered rear axles). Peavy pitches well enough to earn over fourteen million dollars a year. So even though he is legally blind without corrective lenses, I have to figure he didn’t want a little duck boat, he wanted the full-size. And I doubt his wife, even if so inclined, is going to be able to get it out of the yard (on second thought it’ll be a nice substitute for a canoe on the bayous near Mobile), although it does mean the next victory parade, may it be soon, may be a little cramped with one fewer boat for the players.


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