Could Bill Clinton and Joe Manchin Worry About A Health Plan For Mayor Rob Ford And Leave Obama Be For Just Another Month Or So?

Takes a lot of guts to point out the obvious about the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, doesn’t it, Mr. Clinton?  And you too, Manchin.  But watch out you’re not being too cute by half, Mr. Bill.  Why not take a page from your successor (or Winston Churchill)  and take up painting, and maintain a little political silence (though W., I am sorry to say, is speaking this week at a fundraiser for Messianic Jews in Texas–oops).  Your failure and Hillary’s failure to pass universal health care isn’t held against you by anyone with sense–nobody else had complete success either (though LBJ gets way too little honor on this, because of Vietnam) and the current law is nowhere near universal.  But it sure will be held against you if you succeed in provoking mass Democratic panic, so soon after the Republicans made such fools of themselves while Harry Reid held his caucus together.  Maybe Obamacare will be so unworkable that it will implode, but may it not be on your head.


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