“End Of Retirement”?

The 401(k) statement started out well enough. My “projected benefit at retirement” would be umpty-ump dollars a month! Terrific! And then it said this was based on a few assumptions. Fair enough, thought I. Somethin’-somethin’ annual rate of return and a little dab of inflation. So far so good, I suppose. But then: anticipated end of retirement at age 90. Not at all sure I like the sound of that. Sounds unsettlingly final. Maybe I’d better not start retiring in the first place.

And what about all those promises that if I like my health plan I won’t have to change it? But “end of retirement” makes it sound like things might not work out the way I was hoping. Now they say there might be an administrative fix or even a legislative tweak. Sure hope that means I can keep my “no-frills” coverage forever and won’t have to die after all.


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