The Canaanites May Have Been Idolatrous, But They Sure Didn’t Use Mega Purple

The recent news of archaeological discovery of 3700-year-old jars of wine (or the residue: tartaric acid, honey, cinnamon bark, etc.) may lead some to say, how wonderful that man has always progressed through the ages, and thank goodness we now drink the pure product of fermented grapes.

Well, then as now, fine wine means luxury product, then for royal banquets, now for the meritocracy or the one percent, as you wish. Though wine is more available in some parts of the world today, then as now, the masses take their ease primarily with beer or ale. And lest you look down on honey and cinnamon bark, by the way, search these terms: mega purple, innerstave, and sweet boost complex boost intense boost. You are forewarned–may make you wish you were a Canaanite after all.


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