“The Appetites Of The Special Services Need To Be Controlled”

Vladimir Putin, in his annual press conference, which lasted about four hours today (don’t be jealous, Fidel, you used to give speeches twice that long), offered to pardon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and release two Pussy Riot protesters ahead of the winter Olympics.  No word yet on the exact look of the rainbow fur coat Putin will surely be wearing at the opening ceremonies in Sochi.

But seriously, is it too late to take the Person of the Year award away from Pope Francis and give it to Vladimir instead?  Because he had the perspicacity to say this today: “However much our American friends are criticized, I think their work was mainly directed at fighting terrorism.  Of course, this has its negative aspects and on a political level the appetites of the special services need to be controlled [and he would know!].  But overall, you have to understand that it is necessary.”

So, on the whole, thumbs up to the surveillance state!  From a truly unimpeachable source.

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