Vatican Did Not Abolish Sin In 2013–But Still A Few Hours Left

Pope Francis has been named Time’s Person of the Year, and Esquire’s Best Dressed Person of the Year. Now comes the Archbishop of Canterbury to render obeisance and agree with the papist idolaters at Time. Yes, the leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, 80-plus million strong, said that Pope Francis is his guy too. In typically decisive Anglican fashion, Justin Welby remarked that “the pope has been hugely effective. I would certainly put him as my person of the year. Well, I’d probably have several, but if you want one, I’d put him there.” Welby also mistakenly claimed that he could not in any way compare himself with the pope because the 1.2 billion-member Roman Catholic Church has twenty times as many people as the Anglicans. You are at least twenty percent bigger than you think, Archbishop! Why not take this chance to invite all the Roman Catholic women to give your church a look? You should be able to handle at least 700 million new Anglicans!

In related news, scholars have unearthed proof that John Calvin named Ignatius Loyola his person of the year for 1542, and that Thomas Becket, venerated as a saint and martyr by both Anglicans and Roman Catholics, was secretly a Buddhist monk.

P.S. Today’s blog title is real news, not fake news–check it out. Would I really make up a headline like that?


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