Will “Iterative” (In A Good Way) Become The Watchword In 2014?

Prominent persons of the year just past may have seemed revolutionary, but Edward Snowden and Pope Francis, as well as the late Nelson Mandela, and Edith Windsor, and even Miley Cyrus, might well be seen as iterators, in a good way.  Snowden claimed in an interview with Barton Gellman published a week ago in the Washington Post that “even if your analysis (meaning his analysis of “to leak or not to leak”) proves to be wrong, the marketplace of ideas will bear that out.  If you look at it from an engineering perspective, an iterative perspective, it’s clear that you have to try something rather than do nothing.”  For his part, Pope Francis has emphasized that he is a son of the Roman Catholic Church, and is not proposing radical changes to doctrine, rather a new tone (or better, an approach so old it seems new) that invites–and his worldwide questionnaire on family issues seems to promise an iterative reform of current practices.  Nelson Mandela, the last of the great 20th-century liberators, as President Obama noted, was an iterative radical par excellence.  And we all have Edith Windsor’s persistence to thank–welcome aboard Utahans!  Finally, Miley Cyrus’s performance was just a refinement (or perhaps a devolution, i.e. iterative in a bad way) of a twenty-year-old New Orleans thing, so I hear.

Happy iterating in the new year! And merry recursion too, why not?

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