The Secret Dwarf Passageway To The George Washington Bridge

Don’t tell anybody, especially the trolls lurking on the lower level in the middle of the span, but there is a secret dwarf passageway from the southerly marshlands onto the GW.  Just take the eastern spur but instead of 80 bear right onto 46.  Stop into a gas station to collect yourself and gather cheap fuel for the next stage of the journey.  Head straight uphill and exit at the “last exit before bridge.”  The evil rulers of New Jersey are trying to fool you.  This is actually the best way to get onto the bridge.  Go straight through a light or two and then dip back down to the left just before you drive past the toll booths underneath you.  Don’t forget to cut the gas engine and go all-electric so as not to wake the toll monsters.  And remember to keep breathing.  Welcome to the high ground of Manhattan!


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