PNAFU Of The Day

That would be President Normal AFU, not our vulgar and banal American SNAFUs.  M. Le President Francois Hollande apparently caused his official mistress Valerie Trierweiler such malheureuse-ness that she went to the hospital for nervous exhaustion after the public revelation that her consort the president of France was consorting with a more youthful actress.  This seems to me to break new ground–if the official mistress has a right to be shocked, shocked, how can we Puritanical Americans not be allowed to exercise our bourgeois right to be scandalized?  But wait, now we learn that the apartment for the assignations is connected with “Corsican mafia,” according to the Guardian.  If only we had a politician so daring that he, or she, could…oh, right, there is that fellow on the cover of this week’s New Yorker–why is he bouncing that ball?  Does he not notice all the cars backed up on that big bridge?


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