Does Robert Gates Speak For The Deep State?

In the old days, the deep state remained silent.  The deep state did not stoop to “me generation” blabbering.  But a former head of the NSA, Michael Hayden, was recently caught chit-chatting on his cell phone on an Amtrak train with a friendly reporter about NSA policies. And now Robert Gates has written another memoir (From the Shadows was published in 1996; this week we have Duty).  Gates, who has worked for the national security apparatus since the Nixon administration, has every right to feel the way he apparently does about Joe Biden or Rahm Emanuel.  But would discretion not have been the more valorous route?  Gates protested the other day that he was not trash-talking President Obama himself–sorry, but that is what you did.  Would Yoda (if that’s what they called you around the cabinet table) have stooped to rat out other people?  If you were really shocked, shocked, at the politicized motives of Obama operatives, and offended that they made you feel invisible while they, you felt, naively criticized what they saw as the foolishness of the W. Bush years–begging your pardon, but what the heck were you really expecting when you signed up for another tour, this time with Barack Obama?  C’mon, Gates, get a grip on yourself.  If you really speak for the deep state, the deep state has become pretty petulant, and that worries me almost as much as some of the NSA revelations.


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