Silliest Argument For “Gender Diversity” Ever

The state of Utah, trying one legal argument after another in its “emergency” effort to halt gay marriages, has outdone itself.  The state of Utah claims with what one can only hope is not a straight face that gay marriages must be stopped so as to promote gender diversity!  Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.  “The State does not contend that the individual parents in same-sex couples are somehow ‘inferior’ as parents to the individual parents who are involved in married, mother-father parenting.  The point, rather, is that the combination of male and female parents is likely to draw from the strengths of both genders in ways that cannot occur with any combination of two men or two women, and that this gendered, mother-father parenting model provides important benefits to children.  That this would be so is hardly surprising.  Society has long recognized that diversity in education brings a host of benefits to students.  If that is true in education, why not in parenting?  At a minimum, the State and its people could rationally conclude that gender diversity–i.e., complementarity–in parenting is likely to be beneficial to children.”

At a minimum, I must admit that diversity of “states,” i.e. sovereignty-jurisdiction diversity, such as between [state name redacted] and [state name redacted], is beneficial to such an extent that the seeds of karma have ceased to grow in [state name most definitely Utah].

P.S. Meanwhile, a federal judge has ruled Oklahoma’s ban on gay marriage unconstitutional (but stayed the ruling pending Supreme Court review).


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