The Best Places To Live In Order To Stand Your Religious Ground Without Falling Into A Moral Sinkhole

I think the magazines that list “best places to live” need a fresh criterion: where can you find the best place to stand your religious ground in these days of incessant war on religious liberty.  I was thinking Topeka or Wichita might work until the Kansas Senate backed off their “religious liberty” bill.  Maybe Idaho or Arizona, or even Maine?  Is it safe to move to a state where I might not be able to stand my religious ground without the guarantee of Caesar at my back?  I see one article claiming that “Kansas Christianists seek monopoly on worldly honors and emoluments” (Fred Clark via Patheos blog).  Sounds great!  But then I read that the “useful idiots for Baal…who would rather have Jesus bake cakes for gay weddings” (according to Erick Erickson at seem to have gotten to the lukewarm Christianist legislators and they went squishy.  I am feeling afraid the lawmakers in Maine and Arizona and even Idaho might not stand their religious ground either.

But now good news, via Talking Points Memo: “Clerics Issue Fatwa: Muslims Can’t Live On Mars”: the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment in the United Arab Emirates have decreed a fatwa saying that “a one-way journey like that ‘poses a real risk to life, and that can never be justified in Islam.”  Why am I suspicious that they are just tricking me into believing it is safe on Mars–and then they’ll impose Sharia law there?


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