Could NPR, BBC, and NYT Just Blurt It Out–The Russian Army Has Invaded Ukraine

They are not “on vacation.” They are not volunteers. Their tanks were not seized from Ukrainian depots. They did not build drones in east Ukraianian workshops.

It would be refreshing if Western media outlets would just say what is obvious, that the Russian army is moving from southeast Ukraine toward Crimea. The downside is that if Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Barack Obama, and NATO do not have a Plan B beyond the economic sanctions imposed so far, we Westerners might have to acknowledge we are in a strange world we thought was past. But living halfway inside Putin’s funhouse world of maskirovka is even less appealing.

No Absurdism Like Siberian Absurdism

Putin seems to have lost his sense of humor over plans for an event August 17 in support of federaization (i.e. greater autonomy) for Siberia. According to reports on RFERL, a Siberian absurdist who holds an annual “Monstration” is rallying Siberians, in homage to the drumbeat for autonomy in Ukraine. Putin, who has often occupied the commanding heights of absurdist humor vis-a-vis the decadent West over the last year or so, has apparently reverted to thuggish threats against this “provocation.” Relax a little, Vlad. Just wait until Xi Jinping decides to annex Kamchatka!