Scotlandspotting; Or, Scotland Qua Scotland

Where is the spiritual heart of Scotland? East Tennessee? Western North Carolina? Eastern Kentucky? I therefore claim the right to weigh in on what the actual residents of Scotland should do this week.

Of course if I were Australian, like Rupert Murdoch, I would have even more justification for trying to steer the vote. Watch The Sun of Scotland closely for his authoritative word–should have the same moral authority as the NY Post. Enough said.

Some lost causes stand on higher ground than others. A Scottish yes vote would transform 300+ years of endless-loop Braveheart movie inside the Scottish mind into actual independence, with all its attendant air of possibility and hope and, perhaps, recrimination–though few of the unruly Americans seemed to look back once we threw off the English yoke (some of those who did still have polite, orderly descendants in nice spots like the Eastern Townships).

Bottom line, I honestly can’t make a decision for or against Scottish independence. The apparent endorsements of Scottish independence by North Korea and Crimea make one hesitate to leap. But I do think the threats of David Cameron that this is “final answer” are a touch condescending; and the threats of RBS, for example, to move head offices south a touch silly–the headquarters of RBS, far as I can tell, are already in Stamford, Connecticut, proving yet again the adage of Proust that “the only true paradises are the paradises we have lost.”

Update: the Queen said Sunday (after kirk service near Balmoral) that voters “should think very carefully about the future.” Where would Scots be without a queen to instruct them to think first instead of just acting higgledy-piggledy?