Prime Minister Netanyahu Ups Ante

President Chaim Weizmann of the new state of Israel listened to President Harry Truman complain that no matter what he did, some group of Americans would criticize him. Weizmann replied that Truman ought to try living in Israel, since in the U.S. Truman was president of two hundred million citizens, whereas Weizmann in Israel presided over a million presidents!

Current Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of Israel has declared himself to be in a different league. Ahead of his speech to Congress this week, Netanyahu announced that he is an “emissary” not only of all Israeli citizens–including those who do not agree with him, but of “the entire Jewish people.” Then in the air over the Atlantic, in an apparently unpressurized cabin, the prime minister declared himself to be “on a misssion from YHWH G-d, on behalf of all sentient beings, including gefilte fish and turtles.” Mitch McConnell, on the Senate floor, thanked Netanyahu–about the turtle part that is.

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