Trump Is Not Crazy Enough To Become President

Not yet, anyway. But he seems to be aligning his words with his crazy hand jive, so buckle up. After George W. Bush, and faced with the possibility of an apparently erratic John McCain handling the financial meltdown, U.S. voters were ready to elect Barack Obama as the most, sensible, lower-risk, lower-drama choice. That was then. Donald Trump is capitalizing for now on many Americans’ very real worries and fears, and promising to make everything right while warning us that we are losers if we don’t trust him. Candidate Trump has been a pretty good confidence man so far, apart from a few lapses into desperation (accusing Iowans of stupidity was maybe not a good strategic move). But is he good enough to sow the winds of fear and racial hate and harvest the votes, while staying out of the path of the destructive whirlwinds? I doubt he is either that good or that lucky, but those Republicans who are actually temperamentally cautious and conservative may have to vote for either cray-cray Ted Cruz soon or else a Democrat next fall. In politics as in economics our choices are often second best at best.


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