My Odds Of Winning The Powerball And Then Giving $900 Million To Elect Republicans

I am thinking of buying another Powerball ticket today, to increase my odds of being able to give $800 million (update: $900 million!) or even more to the Republican candidate and/or super-PAC of my choice so that Americans like me will still be free and great in 2017. I would love to be as benevolent as Charles Koch, who said in an interview with the Financial Times that he is disappointed in the 2016 Republican field, in particular Trump and Cruz, for pushing ideas that would “destroy our free society”–and yet he plans to spend up to nine hundred million dollars to elect one of them, even though he feels that his contributions so far have not bought him and us as much freedom as he had hoped. Actually I am having second thoughts about my political freedom-donation. Maybe I need to put the $900 million in a very complicated “investment vehicle” so that it will grow free of confiscatory taxes and become big enough that I will be able to afford to buy our country’s freedom down the road. Yes, that would be for the best I think.  By the way, could it really be a coincidence that Koch is planning to buy the 2016 election by spending the exact same amount as the biggest lottery jackpot ever.


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