Knowing and Hearing Plenty Of Nothing

When a presidential candidate says “I know nothing” four times in one interview, and for good measure blames a “lousy earpiece” for not hearing the words “David Duke,” should I be glad that he has not yet completely abandoned hypocrisy (in which vice pays tribute to virtue)? If the man says he knows nothing about the nuclear triad, I believe him. If he were to deny any knowledge of the Know-Nothing Party of the 1850s, I would believe him right away. But if he cannot answer the question “what parts of the Klan can’t you disavow” without hemming and hawing, I question not just his morality but his strategy as well. His mastery of dog whistles is helping him in the Republican primaries, but in the fall I expect Democrats will be able to convert today’s evasive whistles into loudly audible air raid warning sirens to get their voters out. But Hillary also needs to sharpen up her response to Trump. He is appealing, believe it or not, to many folks who feel that “folks with plenty of plenty, they got a lock on the door.” If Hillary cannot convey to voters that she’s “got no lock on the door” and is more of a happy warrior for the regular people than Trump, she too has a big problem.


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