Why Our Country Is Losing All The Time: Not Enough 5-Year-Olds Running Things

Soon, my friends, there will be so much winning by 5-year-olds that we will all get tired of that much winning by 5-year-olds. But whether we will get tired enough before November is an open question. On the upside, if you feel one Whiteness History Month isn’t nearly enough, with President Trump we ought to get at least eight or nine.

Trump Trump Trump Spam Trump And Trump

The New York Times and Washington Post recently published transcripts of long (I hesitate to say “in depth”) interviews with Donald Trump on his “foreign policy.” Spoiler alert: the U.S. government is clueless about cutting good deals, Trump knows a lotta people, enough said. The Times and Post then ran editorials in which they said Trump was crazy. To me the craziest thing Trump said was that Iran was the #1 trade partner with North Korea. When David Sanger said “with all due respect, Mr. Trump, it’s China,” Trump responded with his boilerplate that while Sanger may have read that “fact” somewhere, Trump had heard that Iran was North Korea’s top trade partner, so there. If you know anything about North Korea, you know that it has land borders with just two countries, China and South Korea, and that China is the only nation giving North Korea any significant link with the rest of the world. If Trump thinks Iran, which is thousands of miles away, is in any position to be North Korea’s main trading partner, he either has no geopolitical or geographic sense, or he is trusting people with no foreign policy knowledge at all.

Trump’s reality distortion field may be powerful enough that none of this matters, but his ignorance and petulance are not lost on the United States of America’s competitors and adversaries, and will be exploited by them should he win election.

Is Trump Just A Slumdog Billionaire?

The financial crisis of 2008 revived the name of the late economist Hyman Minsky, and “Minsky moment” is perhaps the best encapsulation of the meltdown. Now JWMason.org has flagged a 1990 speech by Minsky explaining that “Trump was Brazil in drag” in the 1980s. According to Minsky, whether Trump’s properties were well managed was besides the point, and bankruptcies were a feature, not a bug. Moreover, both Trump and Mitt Romney, unlike as they may be temperamentally, were both in the same game: financial value extraction, i.e. cashing out ahead of the pop-pop of the bubble, with no regard for consequences. Guys like Trump and Romney could be terrific if their dealmaking could benefit the economy across the board and lift all boats, but that seems unlikely to me because their model was and is just rent-seeking all the way down.

Patrolling And Securing Trump’s Stamina

Ted Cruz has apparently deputized himself to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods,” yet another desperate Trump wannabe moment in this uncivil political year.  Meanwhile Energizer Hillary zips all over the country campaigning, whereas Donald Trump has no public events scheduled for the rest of this week. Is he the one lacking in stamina? Not saying so, but if you only hear his voice on the phone and don’t actually see him for a few days, you might wonder if he is up to the job for which he is interviewing.  Regarding his intellectual stamina or lack thereof, see the scary transcript of his conversation with the Washington Post editorial board.

James Madison, Total Loser

Lyin’ Jemmy I call him. Checks and balances? What a friggin’ disaster they’ve been.  Madison didn’t have enough sense to hand out any rum to the voters in 1777, so they bounced him out of the Virginia House of Delegates. Loser move.  You gotta give people a reason to get off their butts and out of their huts to vote for ya. Swilling the planters with bumbo, as they used to say.  Then later he gave in to all the anti-Federalists and agreed to add a Bill of Rights to what was already a very beautiful and great Constitution–total weakling move. Guy weighed less than 100 pounds, I coulda knocked him over with one of my Trump Steaks.  But Washington, he was presidential. Maybe almost as presidential as me.

Je Suis Chris Christie

In other words, of course I am not a hostage. I am not a wordlessly screaming bystander in Trumpistan. But I sure hope something or somebody breaks the spell–oh, I see it now: a long-lost knife at O.J.’s former house in Los Angeles! This ought to keep me amused until I wake up in September. Say what now?  Trump’s VP is his daughter Ivanka?

Zugswang Time For Republicans

Good luck to all the Republicans who thought Trump was someone else’s problem, and that they could pass, that someone else would keep that vulgar man in check. Can’t quite get that scream out of your mouth now? Don’t wait too much longer, because not to move is a move, and has been for some time.