Peak Trumpism-Tropism, Please

After today, we may finally have experienced peak tropism toward Trumpism. Ignoring Bogart’s advice in Casablanca, there are few sections of New York that Trump has not dared to invade. Would he spew anti-Mexican aggression in the same neighborhood in Jericho, N.Y. where an anti-Hispanic hate crime happened that killed a man? Why not? Bring Carl Palladino along for the ride? No problem. Fly around on a jet with an expired registration? Who cares? But even if he wins every one of N.Y.’s delegates, and does well in subsequent East Coast states, the big problem for those who gravitate toward Trump is that Republicans have rules that Trump has apparently not bothered to learn.  Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Reince Priebus, bless their hearts, are unlikely to cut him any breaks if he fails to get enough bound delegates to win on the first ballot.

Update: I do not know if Trump’s hair is capable of photosynthesis. If he could be quarantined in a room with ultraviolet light we might learn. Wikipedia says tropisms are “typically associated with plants” but “not necessarily restricted to them.”

Further update: via Trump’s new campaign team–it’s all been a big act, he’s going to settle down.  Trump himself seems fidgety about settling down, but if he does manage enough self-discipline to evolve past third grade, it will be trouble for Hillary.


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