Prudent Prince, Or Slave To Depravity?

Now he tells us! Trump wants us all to realize he will be such a prudent prince that we will get tired of all his prudence. This is about 24 hours after letting us know we should shun Ted Cruz because Cruz’s father was somehow responsible for killing JFK? Was that so?

What next? Will Trump–who has paid little or no attention so far to the themes of “liberty” and “freedom”–now persuade that he is the one to deliver us into a land overflowing with wonderful opportunities?  Those now enamored of Trumpistan might wish to heed the warning in Two Peter Two, that’s 2 Peter 2, verse 19: “while they promise them freedom, they are themselves slaves of depravity.”

Some say Hillary Clinton’s campaign has lacked a convincing theme. But she has an unusual opportunity to take the moral high ground on “liberty” away from Republicans, who have specialized for decades now in claiming to voters that they are the only resolute defenders of freedom.   May I propose an anti-“Casino Mussolini” message: an ominous voice reading 2 Peter 2:19 with Trump’s snarling face onscreen, followed by a selection of depraved, authoritarian, self-serving boasts straight out of Trump’s  mouth. Limited government would not come naturally to a President Trump, and all truly conservative-minded people already sense this. Hillary has an unusual opportunity now, and she would be well served to seize the high ground on freedom and liberty (as opportunity to flourish and prosper) while she can.

Update: I apologize for saying Trump has ignored freedom.  He now apparently says the United States under President Trump would be free to renogotiate the national debt.  An excellent idea, with no negative consequences at all, as U.S. bond buyers around the world surely appreciate that America’s renewed greatness is worth a haircut of at least 15%–to show Trump proper respect.

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