We Have No Choice

Until we understand what the hell is going on with Donald Trump running off to Scotland, we have no choice but to vote for Hillary Clinton. We simply cannot take a chance that Trump is applying for Scottish citizenship right now.  We cannot take a chance that we have an agent of a foreign power running our country and especially our borders. Not if we want our country to start winning again.  I do not know for a fact that Trump is eligible for German citizenship either, but he sure looks and sounds like one of them, and I love bratwurst but we cannot take a chance on a President Brat Wurst. That would be sad!  We are not going to be great again that way.  We won’t have tremendous winning success if we don’t figure out why Trump said “Scotland is going wild over the vote” to “take their country back” when Scotland actually just voted huge to stay in the EU and and voted two years ago to stay part of the United Kingdom. I don’t know whether Trump is really German instead of Scottish, but there’s something going on with him. I wish we could be politically correct and say that it doesn’t matter if Trump is taking orders from Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, but we have no choice, we just don’t have a choice any more.

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Is That Muslim Ban Still “Just A Suggestion”?

First Trump was going to ban all Muslims until we figured out what the hell is going on. Then it was just “a suggestion.” Now we seem to be back to a new improved expanded ban.

I could not agree more that the U.S. government, and the American people, should be smart, tough, and vigilant. But that is completely empty talk without the details.  Would bringing back the lapsed assault-weapons ban be not smart, not tough, or not vigilant?

They Were Both Born In Queens–What Might Trump Know?

Donald Trump and the Orlando killer/hater/terrorist were born in the same place: Queens, New York. Trump falsely claimed that the man was “an Afghan.” Trump insinuated that President Obama and Hillary Clinton were somehow to blame. The man was born in Queens during the Reagan presidency. Is Ronald Reagan to blame for letting him and his family into this country? Not a big Reagan fan, but I doubt it. He got his job as a security guard, with clearances, during the George W. Bush presidency. Was President Bush asleep at the wheel? Can’t really say that with a straight face. But he and Trump are both Queens boys. Does cholo anglo Trump know something he isn’t saying? I hate to say that if we elect Trump, we will deserve him.

Why It’s Not So Hard To Be An Unbiased Judge Of (Guilty! Guilty As Charged!) Trump

Judges are used to defendants’ excuses and rationalizations and special pleading and ranting. So Trump is not much different than many if not most defendants. It will therefore not be so difficult for Judge Curiel, or any judge in other Trump-related legal proceedings, to be fair.

But most defendants, from the lowlife petty criminal to the high-stakes masterminds in the 1% of the 1%, are wise and savvy enough to let attorneys speak on their behalf. Trump, the exception here, nonetheless proves the rule: as he continues to insist on pleading his own cases (political as well as legal) he has a fool for a client.