Will Trump Pass The Border Constitution Quiz When He Tries To Return From Mexico?

Nice disruptive move by Trump, going to Mexico.

However, does he know that he may not be able to re-enter the United States? Has he done Constitution prep to get ready for the multiple-choice questions that a sensible border guard would surely ask? Might be a good time to short Trump’s chances.


We Stop Building The Airplane Runways Now. The Trump Plane Is Not Bringing Cargo Ever

August is nearly over. It is getting colder already. And it is time to give up my dream that a new heaven and new earth (H/T Kenelm Burridge) is coming soon, that big man Donald J. Trump will land his airplane in our midst and bring us a new era of traditional morality and commodity fetishism.  Which would really be some trick, honestly.  Some say I should be grateful I do not live in a swing state, but I am not consoled.  He landed his plane in Texas, and even Mississippi.  Why there and there, and not here?  Is Texas a swing state since I checked last?  Still, the plane is not coming.

Is Trump’s Failure To Pivot Caused By Brain Damage?

Or, is the mainstream media, to the extent it still exists, failing to realize that their beloved trope of “general election pivot” is completely beside the point this year?

By the way, is Putin secretly enjoying Trump’s pivot from “deep state” to very shallow state?

Could  Trump be pivoting away from the center, toward the “alt-right,” because he wants to throw the election and start a new chapter as frontman of Trump Pravda News Network?

Without a doubt, there is no new Trump. No Manchurian Trump, no Siberian Trump. Trump isn’t pivoting toward fascism or away from fascism. If he resembles Il Duce or the Generalissimo or Trudeau’s cartoon version of himself, it is because he remains self-same Trump. And if Hillary isn’t calling him out for flip-flopping, there’s a reason for that too.

If Trump does manage to pivot, backwards and in high heels and all, he is a nimbler man than I realize.

Did Trump Really Need To Self-Deport Today?

Some say–Senator Harry Reid, for example–that Donald Trump, before he does any “extreme, extreme vetting” of other people, ought to take a naturalization test his own self. But Trump, believe me, just trust me, has as usual gone beyond the norm and flat-out self-deported. Some, actually many, thought he wanted to lose, just secretly. But few (because we are mostly losers) predicted that Trump would scram completely out of the country in the middle of summertime and into the frozen zone (per Vladimir Putin) of Transtrumpistan. Have a very, very nice, very long vacation, Mister.

Trump Colors Inside The Lines

OK maybe that was sarcasm; or not, trust me.

Many say Trump made a fool of mainstream media this week by getting them to take seriously his “sarcastic” remarks about Second Amendment “people” assassinating Hillary Clinton or her judicial appointees, as well as his “sarcastic” accusation that President Obama “founded” ISIS. Maybe he did make a fool of some “senior correspondents.” But I am not voting for best media personality, nor for Jackass-in-Chief. I like to believe I am still voting for a president of the United States. Not for somebody who controls the nukes, drones, soldiers, ships, and fighter jets–and who just hasn’t shown he can color inside any lines for more than a few minutes at a stretch. I certainly don’t have time or energy for four years of worry about his issues. Hillary has issues but I hope to be able to ignore them most of the time.

Radical Stochastic Terrorism

“Using language and other forms of communication ‘to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.” That is “stochastic terrorism” (see David S. Cohen at RollingStone.com yesterday) and it is not just Trump doing it. ISIS and Al Qaeda got there before Trump, and the Israeli right wing before that (with vicious verbal slurs that inspired Yitzhak Rabin’s assassin).   Many reasonable people have said Fox News makes a specialty of more or less deniable stochastic terroristic rhetoric.  American politics ain’t beanbag, and plausibly deniable racist dog whistles are nothing new, but Trump’s race to and beneath the bottom is startling and truly unsettling.  There is little plausibility to denying that Trump is responsible for what people hear him saying, as former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden said yesterday.

Speaking of the “deep state,” I think it is a positive development that so many of its mandarins, unlike the older couple behind Trump at the Wilmington rally, are not at all amused by his thinly veiled threats.  The deep state may be helpful in a pinch, heaven forbid.   More decisively, the voting public in swing states seems up to the challenge of holding its collective nose and voting defensively. If voters act in a truly conservative way, Trump is political toast and will only utterly delegitimize himself when he refuses to concede defeat.

I Am Totally Ready For A White Male President–Just Not That One

And furthermore, forget about Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. The embers of his hash pipe are still warm, I hear. And his VP Bill Weld has the party animal spirit, but please.

Otherwise, what are my choices if I am pining for a white male president? Right, so I’ll check back in with my fellow mortified white males in four years, or eight, depending on who’s available–aren’t there fifty million or more eligible fellows?

Defiant Comeback For Horrific Political Correctness?

Wondering if just maybe political correctness isn’t so horrific after all we’ve seen so far in 2016.  Do we have Trump to thank for opening our eyes to the feeling that there are worse things in the world than being “PC”? Could it even be that sometimes political correctness is just another way of saying “politeness”?

“If the alternative to political correctness is Trumpism, then most people of good will are likely to pick the former,” writes Ilya Somin in the Washington Post (Volokh Conspiracy blog). Somin equates the “zero-sum identity politics” of the “PC far left” with Trump’s “zero-sum identity politics for whites.” I agree with Somin and other rightist libertarians to the extent that some universities have failed in their mission and opened themselves to ridicule by favoring “safe spaces” over free speech rights. Nevertheless, the spectacle of Trump with nuclear codes is a far clearer and more present danger.

American culture has its strengths, but decorum, civility, and politeness are not always among them. Even so, we do not have to race all the way to the bottom this November.