Is Trump’s Failure To Pivot Caused By Brain Damage?

Or, is the mainstream media, to the extent it still exists, failing to realize that their beloved trope of “general election pivot” is completely beside the point this year?

By the way, is Putin secretly enjoying Trump’s pivot from “deep state” to very shallow state?

Could  Trump be pivoting away from the center, toward the “alt-right,” because he wants to throw the election and start a new chapter as frontman of Trump Pravda News Network?

Without a doubt, there is no new Trump. No Manchurian Trump, no Siberian Trump. Trump isn’t pivoting toward fascism or away from fascism. If he resembles Il Duce or the Generalissimo or Trudeau’s cartoon version of himself, it is because he remains self-same Trump. And if Hillary isn’t calling him out for flip-flopping, there’s a reason for that too.

If Trump does manage to pivot, backwards and in high heels and all, he is a nimbler man than I realize.


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