Trump Announces His Spiritual Rebirth: “The Shackles Have Been Taken Off Me”; But His Sickness Unto Death Abides

Trump actually seems more shackled than ever to his own self. But what is Trump’s self? Is it, as Kierkegaard wrote in the first paragraph of Sickness Unto Death, “a relation that relates itself to itself”? If so, have the shackles really been “taken off” Trump? If Trump really is a self, that is “a synthesis of the finite and the infinite…of freedom and necessity,” must we not acknowledge that so understood, Trump does not yet appear to be a self.

At least not a self seemingly inclined in any way toward spiritual renewal or repentance or rebirth, though I should never say never about anyone, including Donald Trump. But if he believes that he has just now been “unshackled,” implying that his ego and superego have until now been firmly in charge of his id  and that his “apology” video was really just a hostage tape made against his free will, one has to wonder what worms are now going to come out of his mouth.


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