Get Your Government Hands Off My Trumpcare

Forgotten men and women all over the United States signed up for Affordable Care Act plans yesterday, the day after the transition to Trump began. HHS Secretary Burwell tweeted that it was over 100,000 people. This sounds more than a little like the flood of people buying their third or sixth or seventh firearm after President Obama was elected. If Obama was the greatest gun salesman ever, maybe Donald Trump will make America’s health care enrollment even greater than it is now. If a whole lot of folks who were back in the cut, avoiding buying health insurance, make it into the daylight and sign up, that’s a victory for all of us.  It could be that even, or especially, some Trump voters are suspicious enough to figure they better sign up right quick before that African Muslim usurper Obama rides off.  In any case, Trump owns American healthcare now.  And McConnell too–though that wily turtle will try to stay in the shadows if repeal of the individual mandate leads to collapse of the health exchanges.


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