McConnell’s “Responsive Health Care Market” Not Good News For Actual Living Persons Or Their Bodies

Senator McConnell spoke a few moments ago on the Senate floor.  He wants to promote a more “responsive health care market.”  That might be good news for some corporate persons, and even some actual persons who stand to profit from health insurance company profits.  But a more responsive health care market may or may not mean more responsive health care.  Health for actual human beings does not and cannot function as a perfectly efficient “free market” in which an “invisible hand” guides us to “optimal” outcomes.  Yes, incentives can and should be set in better or worse ways.  But Senator McConnell’s and Paul Ryan’s vision of “responsiveness” and “freedom” does not take into account that actual health care is care for us, and we are all more or less “used cars.”  A more responsive bazaar for used cars is not reassuring.  Something like a buy-in to Medicare for all to cut down on overhead and middleman profiteering is looking more and more appealing to actual persons–will our representatives take note and be responsive to that?


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