Swamp Thing Mitch Busted Again On Dinner With Obama/You Don’t Like Snowflakes, Then Don’t Be One!

Why do I ever assume that Mitch McConnell speaks truth about anything?  It’s a long learning process for some of us good gullible folks, but when Mitch said today that those awful Democrats should have dined with the president who had just insulted them, and that He, Mitch, would never ever have disrespected the president that way, even when it was Obama, I wondered, could he be fudging, just a little?  Well…


Both sides are maneuvering, to be sure, to be able to blame somebody else if the US defaults and the government shuts down–but Mitch seems to be the leading lying Congressperson today.  Not that he is likely to challenge the lying president in the biggest liar department.

Advice to Democrats: smile and emphasize that you are ready to negotiate without any preconditions.  Do not assume that your viewers are paying any attention at all.  Inform us anew every time.  Trump has not yet tired of repeating his talking points, and to be a good communicator be willing to learn–in this way only–from the president.  Remind us that the Republicans hold the majority and they own the outcomes on North Korea, taxes, health care, shifting of burdens, robots taking our jobs, China, identity theft scams, Wall Street abuses, everything.

Hello Republicans–in your minds you may be beleaguered suffering servants, and perhaps sometimes you are.  But your political party is in charge, and will be judged as such.  You don’t like snowflakes?  Then don’t be one.  Bless your hearts.


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