How To Maximize Your ROI: Eat A Meadow Gold Dairy Sign For Breakfast And Spend Your Savings On Booze, Women, And Movies

I hear from inside sources that Senator Charles Grassley is on C-Span 4 right now telling American investors how to maximize their Return On Investment vis-a-vis Booze, Women, and Movies.  And on C-Span 5, Senator Orrin Hatch is introducing a bill to require children over 8 years old to go to work in the coal mines and textile mills before they qualify for CHIP coverage.  Hatch said that he grew up so poor that he lived “in a shack with a Meadow Gold Dairy sign for a wall.”  So what, Senator Orrin?  I was so poor that we had to eat part of the Meadow Gold Dairy sign every morning for breakfast.


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