“Don’t Say We Already Do What GDPR Requires”–Mr. Zuckerberg’s Last Talking Point

The last of Mark Zuckerberg’s written talking points for his Senate testimony today–which I know about not because of my power to scrape any data, but because Zuckerberg left his notes open on the table during a break and I looked at a photo–refers to the European General Data Protection Regulation, which takes effect next month.  So far, he needn’t have worried about having to defend Facebook against calls from Congress to copy and paste the European plan into the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.  Why not?  (Other than the sheer cluelessness of the well-aged Senators)

We as a country might do well to adopt laws, like the new EU plan, that actually take data protection and privacy rights seriously.  But if we copied and pasted their rules we would have a tougher time crowing about our great, special, exceptional Americanness, wouldn’t we?  Tant pis for us, as the French might say.



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