Are 13 Angry Democrats Enough? 17? How About 535?

At first there were, in the president’s deceitful tweets, a mere 13 “angry Democrats” after him.  Now, I guess in homage to Q or Qanon or whatever, the number has increased to 17 supposedly “angry Democrats” from the purported “criminal deep state” who are hell-bent on colluding to take down this amazingly patriotic president.

If there really was a deep state intent on stopping Donald Trump, he would be in prison right now (h/t Howard Fineman twitter).  He would have been exposed during the 2016 election, if not before.  He would be doing hard time for any number of financial crimes, not to mention witness tampering, obstruction of justice, tax fraud, and on and on.  I suppose it’s a good thing that the country is not what Trump says it is.  That said, I don’t think 13 or even 17 angry Democrats is nearly enough, not this year.  This country needs 535 Democrats (or close to it) elected to Congress this November 6, because the entire Republican Party–from Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Ryan on down to bozos and Russian puppets like Dana Rohrabacher, Steve King, Rand Paul, Louie Gohmert, and Jim Jordan–have shown themselves almost completely incapable of any oversight of the corrupt executive branch and the apparent foreign asset in the White House.  The Republican Party agenda has devolved into nothing more helpful to the “forgotten men and women” than tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Rather than protecting Americans against evildoers, they have either accepted or insisted on the dismantling of regulations that protect clean air, clean water, collective bargaining, and safe food and drugs.  The Republican Party does not deserve the benefit of the doubt when it fails to protect Americans against the tyrannical impulses of our toddler-in-chief.  I am all for voting for the best candidate in local and even state-level elections, and ordinarily for the best available candidate in federal elections.  But this year, to preserve and protect the Constitution and to protect the greatness of this country, Republicans must be sent packing.  Let them regroup and rethink what they’re doing for at least a couple of years. We had best not miss this chance to put a check on a president who has no feel for freedom, or separation of powers, or checks and balances, or much of anything that has made this country great.

P.S. Of course the 535 do not all need to be angry all the time–but they should be capable of outrage at what is outrageous.


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