Google Pretends To Testify Before Congress Today, Raising The Question: Evil Or Stupid?

An official statement from Google’s public policy blog yesterday announced “Our Testimony to the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.”  But it wasn’t actually testimony, or even prepared remarks to kick off a day of actual testimony by a living human being.  It was merely a series of bullet points purporting, absurdly, to be “testimony.”  Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter, bless their living beating hearts, actually showed up and testified this morning–perhaps evasively and self-servingly, but they testified.

Should we conclude that Google’s pretend testimony is the first fruit of their quiet abandonment of “don’t be evil” as company motto?  Or that Alphabet’s AI engines have malfunctioned and cannot comprehend the plain meaning of the word “testimony”?  In other words, “evil” or “stupid”?  I am agnostic on this question.


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