Good Morning Originalists, Remember The Emoluments Clause–It Wasn’t Just An Afterthought, Don’t You Know That?

What do the Russia/Trump story and the coddling of and bowing before Saudi murderers have in common?  I would say it’s the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution.  I do not believe that the president of the United States cares about human rights or democracy or rule of law one little bit.  I do not believe he believes the ludicrous denials by Saudi royals that they are guilty of murdering a US green card holder in the Saudi embassy in Istanbul.  (What did Melania Trump’s parents and Jamal Khasoggi have in contribution as recently as six months ago? They were all green card holders.)  I do believe that all, literally all, the president cares about is the Saudi (and Russian) contribution to his personal wealth, and official American policy flows directly from that.  The so-called “originalists” who have blathered in bad faith for decades about following the written text of the Constitution, rather than interpreting a “living Constitution,” are now mostly silent about the abuses of the Constitution by this president. Why are they silent? I suppose because their supposed fidelity to the Constitution’s text was always and everywhere a selective and fraudulent faith.  This president has violated the Emoluments Clause openly and blatantly every single day of his presidency, as far as I can tell.  Why the soft bigotry of low expectations for this particular rogue president?


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