Confirmed: Trump Totally Colluded And Is Still Colluding With A Hostile Foreign Power–Babylon

The real collusion, for those with ears to hear and eyes to see, has all along been between Trump and Babylon, and all that Babylon signifies. If you doubt Trump’s determination to inflict pain and suffering on the poor and the sick, just look at the reality behind the president’s proclamation today that the Republican Party will “soon be the party of health care.” If the plan to accomplish this rebranding is to gut the Affordable Care Act with no replacement plan in place, the president is either bent on political self-harm or far better at fooling voters twice than I think he is.

Is there no limit to the pain Trump and Republicans are willing to inflict on sick and vulnerable Americans? I do not think that the current Supreme Court will uphold the new Attorney General’s forthcoming brief i support of the Fort Worth judge who invalidated Obamacare completely. I think the insurance industry and the hospital industry will squelch this latest sabotage of the Affordable Care Act. But the fact that Trump and Barr are willing to put this effort forward is an indication of how obsessed Trump must be with eradicating all trace of the first black president.

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