It’s about the world in front of and proposed by the texts (tip of hat to Paul Ricoeur).

Am trying, though not a wizard, to figure out how to make this balloon work.

The motto and title of this blog is from the German philosopher Hegel, in whose “Aphorisms from the Wastebook” is this blog post avant la lettre: “reading the morning newspaper is a realistic benediction of the day.” I had figured Kierkegaard as more of a proto-blogger than Hegel, but . . . And here is one more from the same “Wastebook”: “critics are gravediggers, but sometimes if they bury something alive, it still survives.” Cautionary words!

One thought on “About

  1. If this is the Kenner Swain who attended Meadville/Lombard, I need to let you know that I’m using your little mantra (“What does this MEAN?”) in my essays/blogs. It’s very useful and I thank you. I think you should know that.

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