Caesar J. Trump: Only I Can Inform You That “Freedom Is A Gift From God”

Our president has signed an executive order, fatuous and largely redundant (because current law already protects what Trump asserts needs new protection), claiming to support religious liberty.  Setting aside the obvious absurdity of such an unrepentant heathen dilating on this topic–whoa, whoa, God can make use of even the worst abusers, OK, and I should know (please sit back down, Mr. President)….

Freedom, to be sure, is not a gift from government; at least if by freedom we are speaking of spiritual freedom.  And, furthermore, ordained and other religiously motivated persons may well have much of value to say about politics and even about school bond issues and tax assessors.  Speaking of whom, however, if churches want to keep the assessor away from their door, and maintain their status as tax-exempt entities, they should think several times before expecting political dominion to come cheap.  To their souls, if not their tax-averse selves.


trump switches to lower case: sorry we won’t see you in court, or recognize taiwan either

settle down mr. president.  a lot of the indivisible folks are even older than you, and you seem super energetic now, but pace yourself.  i hope you read the financial times article by david allen green today that explained why “see you in court” made lots of sense in your old world of commercial litigation in which your “aggressive shout of ‘see you in court’ would…be a standard prelude to cutting some sort of a deal….the problem with this approach is that public law litigation–legal disputes over whether a public body has the power to do a thing or not–is not like commercial litigation.  going to court is the very point of public law litigation….only a court can hold an act or a decision…to be lawful or not….public law litigation is about decision-making, not deal-making.”

likewise with china.  the one china policy, as paul haenle, a former national security council china specialist, explained, “is not a card on the bargaining table–it is the table itself.”  you reversed your previous position, which some say you never do.  but china is special.  with special prices on all the cheap stuff with which we like to fill our homes.  time to move on to the next distraction.

going to all lower case does not come naturally to you, mr. president, but maybe a golfing weekend with the japanese prime minister will help you settle yourself.  if not, maybe he will explain to you a very amazing and noble and beautiful japanese exit strategy you can achieve all by yourself, with no court or congress or anybody getting in your way.

Clueless NY Times Misinterprets Harold And The Purple Crayon

“Certainly children’s tales like ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon’ offer few lessons for dealing with Tea Party congressmen,” according to an NYT story today by Peter Baker, “In Obama’s Book List, Glimpses of His Journey.”  Since I have not seen an official Times correction yet, allow me to suggest one: “The Times regrets that a recent article misstated the facts.  Due to an editing error, the “White House Memo” of 12/5/13 failed to note that when Harold drew a frightening dragon under the tree to guard the apples, and then was himself frightened by the dragon he had drawn, and almost drowned in the ocean drawn by his shaking right hand, but then saved himself by drawing a boat, the obvious parallels with how President Obama might best deal with Tea Party congressmen via unilateral executive orders were ignorantly and triflingly marginalized.  The Times is deeply mortified.”

The Times, of course, has still failed to note the eerie parallel between the nine pies served at the White House Thanksgiving dinner and Harold’s “simple picnic lunch” consisting of his nine most favorite pies, and nothing but.