Fact Checking Gorsuch’s Claim That “We Do Not Live In Caligula’s World”

Judge Neil Gorsuch is technically correct to say this afternoon that we do not live in Caligula’s world.  Bad news is that we live in the Emperor Elagabulus’s world.  You can look it up.


Will the KGB/FSB Administer the 2018 Midterm Elections Fairly And Impartially?

Will any Congressional Republicans pull themselves away from celebrating the nomination of Neil Gorsuch and take note of President Trump’s easing/”I am not easing” of sanctions on Russian intelligence agencies?

If somebody offered me 19 or 19.5 percent of the Russian petrostate and sent it to a Cayman Islands shell company, I might be tempted to do something nice for them.  Is that what is happening here?  Did President Trump acknowledge it by speaking of finding a “pretext” for lifting sanctions?  Hard to be at all sure, but it’s not a question I expected to need to ask.