Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary Breakout!

Multiple sources reported that Pope Francis is offering to pardon your sins–yes, you, I am talkin’ to you, unless you have the interior disposition of complete detachment from sin, and how likely is that–on Twitter. You do not have to go to Vatican City anymore, it would seem. But only Mashable, to my knowledge, has offered this clarification: “a previous version of this story said Pope Francis will pardon sins via Twitter. But plenary indulgences grant pardon from punishment due to sins which have already been absolved. We regret the error.” Mashable, you are not the only folks who regret the error! For a brief shining moment, the world seemed hospitable… And then… Back to the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary! That is one of three Vatican tribunals (stop thinking about Monty Python right now)–one hopes that they did not lead the editors of Mashable down the primrose path on this delicate point. For details see the fine work by Jacques Le Goff, The Birth of Purgatory. Or Dante.