June 1987: “Tear Down This Wall”; July 2017: “We’re Moving Forward”

What if President Ronald Reagan had gone to Berlin and said “we’re moving forward” instead of “tear down this wall”?  “Not a lot of relitigating of the past,” reports Rex Tillerson about today’s meeting between the leaders of Russia and the United States. It’s hard to be at all sure about what happened today, but President Trump’s idea of how to represent America (and Western civilization?) is very different from that of Reagan and every other president in my lifetime.  Is our president an accessory after the fact (or worse) to Russian espionage and subversion of our constitutional republic?  Matt Yglesias has thoughts on that:



Meanwhile the best leader of the free world we have, Angela Merkel, rolls her eyes at Putin and Trump.





“Facts” Mourning Loss Of Their Stubbornness

Mark Zuckerberg can say whatever he likes about fake news, but “facts” know better. John Adams in 1770 (and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s) said “facts are stubborn things” but that was then. Politifact is still with us, and yet “facts” are not fooled. But they are mortified, really mortified.